My work is spontaneous. When I paint I rely entirely on my instincts and feelings in the moment. I know exactly the colors I want to combine. Using my hands to work out the structure and texture I continually move the paint until I reach a point where I stop. The amazing effect of the finished painting surprises not only myself but other people every time.

I use all of my positive energy, creativity and ideas to create a modern, abstract one-of-a-kind painting. My art is totally abstract. I have no control of the paint and let it "do its thing." I have no concept or ideas in my mind when I begin so you can imagine my surprise when I get comments like, "Wow, this painting is so amazing! I can see a fish inside.“

My art work should make you feel, touch and reflect allowing you to interpret what you see in that special moment.

The combination of a large canvas with abstract textures and lively colors is the highlight of my artwork. Using no brush, but different tools such as spatulas, spray cans and baking tools along with other interesting items, makes each painting unique.

Through my work I’m constantly exploring new color combination. My art will brighten up an area and bring the perfect splash of color to add visual interest. It can complete the decor in your home and it makes a room come alive!

With the finest acrylic colors on high quality linen every canvas features a hand-painted, unique design to create a trendy art look. I’m delighted that so many people appreciate my paintings.

Check them out.