Did you know that well selected interior design & decor is very important in your home?

A home should be decorated to fit personal taste and lifestyle. It does not only cater for the home's aesthetic beauty but also improves the functionality. Simple, small renovations, rearranging the furniture and balancing the colors of the decorations can refresh your home immediately.

I love to go to the luxury shopping malls and the flea markets to find those perfect pieces to help realize my creative visions. Finding unique solutions that combine the modern and new with the vintage and old school is an adventure for me and I am passionate about it.

Looking for a unique look for your living space?

Combine my art with your living style. Add a new highlight with an abstract piece of art, either a ready-painted canvas or a new creation, to change a bleak and boring room into a colorful, modern, playful, funky, bright or relaxing area.

This is what I love: using my fantastic solutions and great ideas to reorganize and redecorate a space and then using my art to set the right mood and atmosphere.

Afterwards, you can pop the bubbly and enjoy your new living style.

Get Inspired.