La Petite Ecole

Bangkok, Thailand

Our Ocean Project reached its climax with the co-creation of our final art piece. Caroline from CaroCreativ came to La Petite Ecole Bangkok today, and showed us different techniques to apply on the large canvas she had kindly provided.

Thank you Caroline for this fabulous experience!

Karolina J.

Poznan, Poland

I met Caroline when she lived in Poznan in Poland. Caroline rented my flat. When she moved in she changed the apartment completely using only some simple tricks. Suddenly the old-fashioned, boring, dark flat turned into a light, modern interior. When I saw it, I thought that Caroline is the person who I can trust. I invited her to my house asking her for advice how to decorate walls. I show her some paintings on Pinterest that we both with my husband liked. Then Caroline, took some sample of colors we had in the house. After several weeks, my painting were ready. They are amazing, perfectly harmonize with rooms, a subdued painting in dining room, a vivid, dynamic one in hall. I really regret that Caroline works nowadays so far away. Hope one day she will come back to Europe.

Debora G.

Braunschweig, Germany

I was really happy with the work Caroline did. She reinterpreted a picture I‘d seen, putting her own personal touch to it. I showed her photos of the wall where I wanted to hang it and she advised initially as to size, shape and, also very important for Caroline, the thickness of the canvas. She was realistic about the time she‘d need too - ordering the canvas and then making the painting. Visitors to our house are always impressed. I‘d happily ask her to do another picture and have already recommended her to friends.

Kathi, Lars, Karl R.

Sylt, Germany

Caroline arranged an outdoor family workshop for us during our holidays in Sylt. All happened outside in the middle of the dunes of the island. Great atmosphere and vibes. But let’s start with how it all began. We had this wall beside our sofa that looked so empty and kind of sad. This space was basically screaming for a canvas created with the great support of Caro. So we asked her to arrange a workshop with us. First we were asked to send images of our house, the furniture, our style and colors. Then, after our arrival to the island, we went to different shops to find the proper materials, colors etc to make sure the canvas really fits to our home. After that funny and long shopping trip we were ready to start.

With the creative lead, ideas and great support of Caroline we were able to end up with a wonderful canvas with an individual touch that perfectly matches the style of our interior. Even our almost 2 year old son had so much fun to “help”. Once back home we put the canvas on our wall and we were totally impressed how much we love it. Thanks to Caro for that funny and creative workshop with us!!

Denise B.

Pforzheim, Germany

On this way I want to thank Caroline again for the great acrylic workshop for my six-year-old son Maximilian and me.
It was a great experience to try out acrylic painting whit the different methods and to see what I created in the end.
Maximilian created his own great picture just with giving him the different materials. Without thinking what he is creating, on the end it came out to be a fantastic small picture.
To do this in Thailand in this wonderful surrounding was amazing for us!
We transported the rolled canvas with the airplane back to Pforzheim (Germany) and it worked perfectly. Back at home we fixed it by ourselves on a dovetailed wooden frame. Even as beginners and doing it for the first time it worked and now the picture has its place in the dining room presented in a shadow gap frame.
Maximilian´s picture became also a shadow gap frame and found its place in the entrance hall.
Maximilian and me are now both inspired to paint more acrylic pictures!

Nessrine A.

Bangkok, Thailand

I first saw this Canvas exposed at Carolines house, a few weeks before I actually decided to get, it looked very special I fell in love.
As it is massive it can create an amazing atmosphere on its own.
I was directly attracted by the colours as I really like a beautiful melting of white and greyish and I thought it would perfect match my apartment and the decoration. This piece clearly reminded me of the sky, just before the rain.
The abstract work on this canvas is outstanding and it shows the talent of Caroline as an Artist and painter.
I' am definitely getting more of Caroline's work in the future, to give character to my home.


Bangkok, Thailand

I bumped into Caroline's art by chance. I was amazed not only by the talent she shows in her frames but also by the creativity energy she express in any details.
That day after few minutes of chat I discovered that she could arrange a creative session for my 3 daughters (from 5 to 9 yo). **She came to my home to help me to find the place and the colours for the canvas, in the meanwhile she suggested how to transform a regular girls room into a cosy lovely space.** the art session was a blast for the girls and they came home with such an amazing art painting that we hanged it up under the spotlights!

Kristina S.

Bangkok, Thailand

Awesome morning Caroline!! Loved every minute of the workshop!!

Kristina S.

Such a great experiences for my kiddos! Thanks Caroline, we now have a fantastic piece of Artwork they can call their very own.