“Art and Decoration have always been my passion in life. With my ideas and inspiration I can create something new that is colorful, beautiful and enjoyable for each living space.”

I’m from Hamburg, Germany and I grew up bilingual in French and German.

I have loved abstract acrylic paintings since I was a young child. My mother is a fantastic painter and she taught me a deep appreciation for modern art. Her creativity still inspires me to this day.

My incredible art teacher at school furthered my love of art by teaching me all the different types of paintings. Together we visited museums to look at the works of Picasso, Monet, Andy Warhol, Jackson Pollock and many other well known artists. Exploring the different painting styles made me happy and I fell in love with canvas and acrylics. It opened up a fascinating world of possibilities for me.

Over the past few years I have been developing a variety of painting techniques to create my own style of modern abstract art. I discovered that painting relaxes me and it gives me such a satisfying feeling to see the completed art work.

Furthermore my previous job in tourism allowed me to travel the world for over 15 years and to live in many different countries such as Greece, China, Poland and Thailand. I collected fascinating memories and impressions which now influence my acrylic painting and also my Living & Interior Design.

A feeling for life style decoration & design started when my grandmother worked in an exclusive decoration shop in Hamburg that served the well-known high society of Hamburg. In that lovely shop she taught me how to mix and match different styles of decor to add interest to any living area. Over the years, in every different kind of home I have lived in, I changed interior and decor a lot to find how the different styles can refresh the look.

The combination of art with living & interior is my passion in life. Now I'm looking forward to creating great new designs with my inspirations and ideas for every type of home.

Now here I am.

Get Inspired.